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My Big Fat Bucket List

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Hello Hello and Welcome!

My name is Neringa and this is my website. Don’t get too confused with the heading – Leringa Smile is my well-earned nickname! One of my biggest passions has always been traveling and experiencing new things. And so far, I’ve been quite lucky keeping a steady pace while ticking the boxes on my “to do” list. However, the world is big enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life, and there is always this little voice in my head nagging, what to do next?

So this is my (well squeezed and squashed) bucket list that the little voice keeps nagging about the loudest. If you want to know more about me, just keep reading - I hope you enjoy my little story!

I was born in Lithuania’s capital – Vilnius, however, soon after, my family relocated to a much smaller town – Kedainiai, in the center of Lithuania, and then, two years later - to the village, just ten miles away, named Akademija.

This small community, with a population of three thousand people, was where I grew up, went to school, and made my lifelong friends. However, it was also the place which I longed to leave as soon as possible.

My family's house just happened to be the very last in the row of houses and bordered with the endless fields, which, as much as I hated them, provided a perfect viewpoint to watch the sunsets.

I still remember clearly how I would go to those fields, now and then, to say farewell to the sun. I would dream to go after it, to see what’s behind the horizon, what people it shined upon now, what did they do, what food they ate, what clothes they wore...?

This was what I wondered all the time. So it may come to no surprise that just before graduating from my school, I made up my mind to go to England. Needless to say, England wasn’t my first choice on the list – Spain seemed to better suit my character, however I wanted to improve my English language skills, so off to England I went.

The saying – “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans” suited me well in my endeavor to build a life there. Everything that could, ended up with as opposite outcome, as it was possible. But after a while, I stopped worrying about it, and just went with the current.

And the current, boy, it flew me well... Once, I made a decision to go to Bali, and in two days I was already on a plane. Even my mom didn't know which continent I was on. I packed for two weeks – little did I know then, that it would become a half-year ode around the Southeast Asia with one pair of shoes, many elephant rides, a few friendly tigers, and one very unfortunate monkey who made sure I would visit tropical disease centers for the whole month to come, just to get shots for rabies.

Since leaving Lithuania, I already lived in four countries on three different continents. I hope one day this number will expand – there are so many more cultures I would love to experience! And I hope it will go well according to no plan, as it always did;) Thank you for taking yout time and reading my story, have a Great Day!