Greetings... and welcome to the Warlock's Lair!

My name is Kyle Downey, and I'm an aspiring graphic artist and an avid gamer. I spent the majority of high school taking graphic arts classes and getting experience with the industrial aspect of graphic arts. There I printed a multitude of t-shirts, cut dozens of vinyl stickers, and heat-pressed plenty of dye-sublimation (ink transfer) sheets onto mouse pads and key chains alike. I can say with confidence that I gained great experience using the tools my school was able to supply my class, and I had a blast doing it.

After this semester at Moraine Valley Community College, I'm transferring over to Illinois State University where I'll get my own place and all the opportunities I'll need to begin making some headway with my personal projects, all of which have to do with my favorite hobby and pastime, Dungeons & Dragons.

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