Have a scratched music CD or video game? No worries! We can buff the scratches out and your music CD or video game will work like new! Many customers at the competitive stores buy used music CD's or video games only to find out that when they get home and open the case the CD has so many scratches on the CD that the CD does not work. This is another guarantee that we offer, when you trade in your music CD or video game, it will be buffered for future customers to buy, so they don't have that problem.

How about a broken CD player, Ipod, or video game system? We fix those too! The most common repair for a current modern system is the Xbox 360 and it's known problem "the red ring of death". Well we're happy to say that we can fix it and give your system back to you within 1 week! As far as other systems go we try to fix them to the best of our ability. If there is no problem solved with fixing your system, you get your money back.

Our rates for buffing music CD's and video games, as well as fixing your video game system goes as follows:

scratched cd
Please take care of your CD'S!