Welcome to Control It! The ultimate video game store!

We're not just your ordinary video game store where we sell video game systems, video games, and accessories, we are a family owned store, not a corporation where we buy and sell whatever used video game item you give us!

We try to be the best among our competitors when it comes to giving you a great deal as far as buying or selling new and used video games. We follow our guidlines and our policy is always strong when it boils down to: if you don't like the price we give you to buy your stuff, you can try to bargain for less! So please stop by and take a look around, we're always willing to buy! We like to let our customers feel right at home, so if you feel unsure about a used game that you want to buy, you can take it to our lounge area to give it a test run to see how you like the game. How about that? You get to play the game before deciding to buy it!