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About Grant

Grant is an aspiring web developer. While he enjoys learning how to code and create websites, he really enjoys hanging out with his wife and showing his kids new and exciting things.

About this Page

This page displays links to some of my favorite websites and interests (navbar top of page). It also answers the questions assigned in regards to a basic introduction of javaScript. The link at the top left is the website of my current employer, so I go there often. The second link is to w3schools. I also utilize that website often when I need help with my code. The third website on the right represents my interest in the national parks.

I am looking forward to learning more about javaScript and how he can use the language as a developer.

What is the URL of your favorite website?

Does the source code of the site use javaScript?

Yes it does.

Where is the javaScript used?

There are a lot of script tags for the javaScript when I inspect the code. It is listed in the meta tags as well as all over the document.

If JavaScript was included on the page, what do you think is the purpose of the script?

I am not entirely sure of its purpose on the home page. However, there are pages that collect data from the client which I believe means it is being used. One page, for example, displays a map of the U.S. and lets you select a state. I believe javaScript is at play here.