Nilofur Khan


About Me

My passion for computers and coding didn't start until much later in life. I have went through many different phases, experiencing as much as I could. I am eager to learn as much as I can to better my understanding for technology and how webpages and softwares come to be what they are.

Favorite Websites


The URL for this page is After viewing the source for the page, I do see this site uses JavaScript.I feel like the code is embedded because there is not external src file after the 'script' tag. Netflix probably added the JavaScript code into their source because it will help their site preform better. It is very dynamic and it allows the user to make a choice. It is also known to be very fast, and typically when a user is watching a show on Netflix, any sort of lag will not be favorable.


The URL for the Pinterest page is I see varias JavaScript tag within their page source. For one I feel like the code is necessary because the site is not always used online. People check the site offline and that is a major aspect of JS. Also I feel like Pinterest uses external sites. Each posting links you to another site with more information. Pinterest only shows a snipit of the actually external site.