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Obtaining an Account

If you are a student enrolled in MIS111, MIS141, MIS241, MIS251, MIS 259, MIS298, OSA125 or OSA135 your instructor will assign you a username and password for the server. 


Prior to receiving this information you will be asked to read and sign (either on a physical piece of paper or electronically through Blackboard or e-Mail) an agreement form stating that you understand the rules of the server and will abide by them during the time in which you use the IMS Webserver. 


Any violation(s) of the rules set forth in the agreement could lead to possible suspension of your account or even failure in your class not to mention other serious penalities.  It is very important that you read and understand the agreement prior to returning it to your instructor.  If you have any questions regarding the agreement make sure to ask your instructor before signing it. 

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Uploading & Downloading Files Using WS_FTP


WS_FTP is an FTP client that you can use to upload and download files from the IMS Web Server. The computers in the labs at Moraine Valley have WS_FTP LE installed on them. WS_FTP is very easy to setup and use.

If you want to use this program at home you must download and install it on your home machine.  If you are already familiar with another FTP client, you can use that software instead.

WS_FTP LOGODownload the FREE version (WS_FTP LE).

Using an FTP client can be intimidating at first but never fear, the instructors at Moraine Valley have developed several tutorials to help you succeed the first time you try. Please review the materials below and if you have any additional questions please contact your instructor. 


Using WS_FTP Handout:
This is a link to a PDF file that will guide you through the entire FTP process. (To View the files on this page you must download Adobe Acrobat Reader) .


Interactive WS_FTP Tutorial:
This is a link to an interactive tutorial that will guide you through the entire FTP process (it is similar to a video and requires that you have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine.  You can download the player at Adobe's Website)


Happy FTPing!


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HTML Source Editor - Notepad++


 Notepad++ is a free HTML Source editor that offers features not available in Microsoft Windows Notepad. Syntax highlighting and folding, spell check, macro recording and playback, and code comparison are just a few of the features that will have you loving Notepadd ++.


You can download Notepad++ from Source Forge (make sure you download the .exe file) or from CNET.


Make sure to check with your instructor regarding the version that should be used and also whether you are able to complete assignments using this tool.


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